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Thursday, November 26, 2009

I've moved to www.walkingwithyou.onsugar.com

I cheered with joy @ | 11:26 AM

Monday, November 23, 2009

EXAMS are finally over...
ENd of Year 2 Sem 1..
Here comes my holiday!!!!!! =))))

I cheered with joy @ | 3:31 PM

Sunday, November 08, 2009

im finally back to blogging after a super long time..
school's been rather busy..
and finally this week is study break for exams that are starting 17 nov.. =x
aaahh but i still need to go back tml for some stupid lecture and tutorial.. haix..
but well..
there's so much to study but whenever i start studying i just feel like sleeping..lol!!

hahah but seriously i cant wait for exams to start
i cant wait for 23 nov for my last paper..
and yeahhhhh...
off i go with the girls for our chalet..lol..
long getaway..4D3N ehh..i wonder what we are gonna do..

im really looking forward to the holidays..
there are lotsa things i wanna do..
driving,shopping,slacking etc hahaa..

And yeahh..i'll be going overseas this holiday!!!! wheeee
to.... SEOUL KOREA!!!
im super excited..=DDD

I'll be going with the church and fen..
i'll be away from 4jan to 10jan..=))
We will be going around and we'll be visiting the Largest church in the world today...
Yoido Full Gospel Church..
aaahh and we'll be going up the prayer mountain..
cant wait...hehe..

Life is good..haha..
and that's cause God is good! =)


ahhh You are the strength and portion of my heart forever!!

I cheered with joy @ | 6:15 PM

Friday, October 02, 2009

why does time pass by so quickly???

It's friday already and this means recess week is gonna be over in a few days time..
Recess week this time round is really crazy with lots and lots of work to do!!!
for the past few weeks have been rushing essays and projects like crazy..
Here's what i've been doing..
  • Completed and handed in AED 201 2000 words essay
  • Did up 文字学 elearning powerpoint slides for '牛'
  • Finished 文字学 3000 words elearning essay for '闯'
  • Research for 词汇presentation that is coming up in about a week
  • Met up with members to discuss and do up presentation slides for 公民与道德教育 presentation due this coming friday
  • Finished 论语1500 words essay

Despite having done all these..there are more to come..

  1. 词汇 powerpoint slides
  2. Research for Singapore's 音译词
  3. 公民教材
  4. Learning how to write 繁体字 and 错别字
  5. 语法and 文字学 test
  6. Exams coming up in November!!!!!

Oh man there are so many things to do..

however im feeling really lazy..lol =x

and i dont want next week to come..it's back to school again..

it's gonna be presentations..projects..tests and tutorials again!!!!!

Oh God i need strength..

more than enough You're

I cheered with joy @ | 2:18 PM

Monday, September 21, 2009

Im back once again..haha..
anw, this week's service was really good..
I guess it's reallly a word in season, to refresh and to empower..
I felt really ministered and i yearn for more of it..
and..ahhaa..i dunno how to express how good it was..
It was just great..really...=)

However, knowing the word and applying what we know are two different things..
The only way to truly understand it is through Ginosko ( knowledge by experience )..
And i believe even as we go through the testing through ginosko, we will come forth as pure gold..
However, how many of us are willing to go through that test?

Many times when we are given a chance for ginosko, to be purified..
all we will say is God is unfair..
Instead of making such statements, why not see it as a chance for you to be purified?
It's your chance to be a step nearer to becoming pure gold..

Never give up..
dwelling in self sympathy doesnt solve problems..
But now...yes NOW!
Get up and walk like the man by the pool of Bethesda ( John 5:5-15)

If you want a breakthrough, GET UP!
stop dwelling in your problems..
Get up and move on..
Do something different..!!!
Nothing changes just by us sitting down and cry and complain..

If you want an extraordinary breakthrough..then do something out of the ordinary..
Injecting faith into your situation..and start doing something today! =D

keep pressing on!!!
YOU can do it!!! =)))

I cheered with joy @ | 11:19 AM

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Im finally back after soo long..
anyway school has started and there already lots of assignments and projects to be done..
in fact there's one due this coming wednesday..lol!
but well cant wait to get it done and over with..

Yeah and im officially a bible school graduuate as of last saturday..
Firstly, thanks to all for the well wishes and gifts..
Especially E432 who gave me an album of the compilation of my life in SOT..=D

im kind of missing that kind of SOT life i've had for the past 5months..
but well..altho SOT has ended..it's the start of another exciting chapter of my life..
Putting what I've learnt through GINOSKO into the real life..
Now it's the real test..=)))

There's so much i want to say about these 5mths in SOT..
All the first times..the hard work and sacrifices..the stepping out into the uncomfortable..the rushing of assignments, mission trip, mock cell group, preaching tests, fighting the Zzzzz monsters ,fellowships with fellow team mates of team 16 and etc...there are just too many things to say and to put them into words..

And what's more..I made lotsa wonderful friends from Taiwan, China,Malaysia as well as Singapore and other nations..It's really cool to see how all of us put aside other stuff, sacrificing 5mths of our life just to come to be equip with the word in a greater way..indeed like what pastor said..it is a kairos moment...a decision all of us made in 2009 to come tgt forsuch a purpose..=D

And through SOT, I also get to know more and love my BESTEST Friend even more...
I want to grow deeper in love with You! =D
SOT is not the end of everything but the start of a new journey that is ahead of me...
No matter how hard things may be ahead..these encounters and experiences that I had for the past 5mths, I will hold dear...=D

Some pictures to share..for more pictures..log on to facebook..ahhaa..too lazy to upload again =))

Graduated :)))

Team 16..
people i've been hang out with for the 5months
The BEST team to hang out with..

We've graduated...YEAHHH

Salute to all bible school graduates and congratulations!!!
We've all made it!!!!
Let's continue to jiayou and shiine!!! =DDD

I cheered with joy @ | 4:58 PM

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Im back from medan..
GREAT trip..
GREAT experience..
shall update more about it soon..

and aaah...SOT is ending soon..=(
but yeah..at the same time..im excited..
Greater things have yet to come..=DD

I cheered with joy @ | 6:41 PM